(Events And Activities)

How To Crack Group Discussion

Led by an experienced speaker, participants had the opportunity to engage in simulated group discussions and mock interview questions, allowing them to apply newly acquired strategies in a supportive environment. Through an interactive session and real-world scenarios, attendees gained confidence and proficiency in articulating their thoughts, presenting ideas persuasively, and effectively communicating their strengths during interviews. By focusing on key aspects such as effective communication, critical thinking, and professional demeanor, the session equipped participants with the necessary tools to stand out in competitive recruitment processes. Overall, the event served as a valuable platform for participants to enhance their employability prospects and prepare for successful placement opportunities in today's dynamic job market.

WIE’s educational drive

WIE’s Educational Drive was organized by the Women In Engineering (WIE) Affinity Group of IEEE BVCOE with the motto, “Empowering Minds, Inspiring Futures.” The Educational Drive was conducted in collaboration with the well-reputed Robin Hood Army (RHA) NGO. Through a combination of initiatives taken by the team of volunteers, fun educational activities were planned that covered the given week’s syllabus for the kids of the NGO. During this drive, the team covered the teaching of topics such as the alphabet, counting, body parts, addition of 1 digit and basic 3 letter words. The day concluded with rewarding the children with toffees and group photographs were taken to remember the day.


The RoboSoccer event is an exciting and innovative competition where teams construct robots to participate in soccer matches. The competition emphasizes creativity and strategic thinking as teams design robots capable of creatively scoring goals and outsmarting opponents. Throughout the event, teams accumulate points by scoring goals in numerous matches, leading to advancements in the league standings for top-performing teams. RoboSoccer provides participants with a platform to showcase their technical prowess in robotics and artificial intelligence, revolutionize soccer gameplay through robotic innovation, and engage in the thrilling dynamics of league-based tournament play.

Shark Tank

The Tech Media Fest 2.0 hosted an exhilarating "SHARK TANK" competition, jointly organized by IEEE BVCOE, BVICAM, and BVIMR. Over 200 enthusiastic participants registered for the event, and presented their innovative ideas to expert judges Dr. Monica Bhutani and Dr. Rakhee. The competition featured diverse ideas, making it a hotbed of creativity. A significant ₹15,000 prize pool added a competitive edge, igniting the ambition of participants to turn their dreams into reality. The event began at 9:00 AM, with passionate innovators showcasing their entrepreneurial spirits during the pitching round. In the end, the Tech Media Fest 2.0's "SHARK TANK" celebrated innovation and entrepreneurship. With expert judges, an attractive prize pool, and a platform for groundbreaking ideas, it was a memorable event. The top three winning teams, "Brain Chant,"from BPIT "Chronicles Sports," from IIM Rohtak and "MePack," from Delhi University further added to the event's prestige and excitement.

Design Heist

The Design Heist '23 event, conducted under IEEE Day celebrations Tech Media Fest 2.0, proved to be an extraordinary success with an overwhelming response of over 200 registrations. With a total of 110 participants, the event showcased a remarkable display of creative talent and innovation. Participants from various colleges and backgrounds came together to compete and demonstrate their design skills, resulting in the creation of some truly remarkable and innovative designs. The event's themes, revolving around "Leveraging Technology for a Better Future," sparked the imagination of the participants, who crafted brilliant UI/UX solutions. The event's success was a testament to the power of design and the enthusiasm of the participants. It highlighted their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of design. The event brought together a community that thrives on innovation and collaboration. Design Heist '23 was an outstanding celebration of creativity, and the exceptional designs presented during the event left a lasting impact, making it a memorable and successful competition.


The event Best Out of Waste focussed to inspire participants to think innovatively about waste, and contributed to a broader conversation about art and broader environmental concepts through a video of recycling and reducing waste by making useful and decorative items. The event was conducted in Online Mode and saw a positive participation from Students

Digital Literacy Programme

This event was conducted to provide knowledge of computers to underprivileged students who don’t know the basic functioning of computers in which the students were given the basic knowledge of computers. Along with that they were taught Microsoft Word during the programme in which they got a chance to operate Microsoft Word in computers. The students were able to grasp the concepts properly and the event had remarkable feedback from students. At the end of the program, top scoring participants were also provided with goodies such as bags, mobile phones and laptops etc. Meanwhile all the participants received the certificate.

Session On Open Source

On 6th October, 2023, the CS Subchapter of IEEE BVCOE organized 'Learn to Contribute: Open Source,' an offline workshop where participants got them registered via google form and gathered in the college library from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. This event aimed to unravel the world of open source, enlightening participants about Hacktoberfest and the art of open source contributions. The workshop commenced with an overview of Hacktoberfest, its objectives, and ways for participants to get involved. The featured speaker, Abhijay Jain, shared insights, tips, and best practices for open source contributions. Attendees were encouraged to kickstart their open source journey by actively participating in beginner-friendly projects, guided by the speaker. A lively Q&A session allowed participants to seek clarifications and delve deeper into the realm of open source. The event also featured an engaging quiz, challenging attendees on the topics discussed, with cool stickers and goodies as prizes. This workshop bridged the gap between curiosity and real-world action, ensuring participants left with the skills, knowledge, and motivation to dive into the world of open source. It showcased the CS Subchapter's dedication and the participants' eagerness to work together in the open source community, making a positive impact, step by step.


The E-Cell department of the IEEE BVCOE hosted a motivational session on entrepreneurship aimed to inspire and empower individuals to embark on the exciting journey of entrepreneurship. Over 60+ enthusiastic students attended the session by Mr Gaurav Vashisht who is a new age start up entrepreneur & Educator. The session begins with an introduction to entrepreneurship, highlighting its significance in today's world. Discussed the qualities and attributes of a successful entrepreneur, such as creativity, resilience, adaptability, and a passion for problem-solving. Shared stories of successful entrepreneurs who overcame failures and setbacks, emphasizing that failure is a part of the learning process. Encourage participants to envision the future they want to create through their entrepreneurial venture. Explained the concept of calculated risk-taking and how it is integral to entrepreneurial success. We provide a welcoming platform to the students for questions and discussion. Facilitate networking opportunities for participants to connect with like-minded individuals.Our goal is to foster creativity, encourage entrepreneurship, offer constructive feedback for idea refinement, and create a diverse environment that respects intellectual property and professionalism.

0th Workshop

This event introduced the freshers to IEEE BVCOE, its subchapters and SIG’s. Detailed information about each subchapter and sig was shared by the chapter representatives and head supervisors, which included past events, roadmap for future and other relevant information. It was conducted in B-404 and saw a positive response from the audience.


This was an offline fun event organized by IEEE BVCOE to welcome the batch of 2027. The event included fun games like musical chairs, drowsy kickball, tug of war, pictionary, and fun activities like paper dance, quizzes, and photo booths. The event was a success, with almost 150 students participating.

Changemaker 20 Global Summit

Changemaker 20 Global Summit is an international gathering of visionary leaders, activists, and innovators committed to driving positive change in various spheres, from social justice to environmental sustainability. This dynamic event serves as a platform for collaboration, networking, and idea exchange, fostering a collective effort to address pressing global challenges.The session commenced with Dr. Monica Bhutani, our esteemed branch counselor, providing an overview of IEEE's mission and activities. Our team then presented an overview of IEEE BVCOE and its endeavors. The session's core focused on shedding light on the challenges women face in STEM fields and the gender gap. Our strategies to address this gap through initiatives such as WIE Star and WIEHack were emphasized. The accomplishments of WIEHack 4.0 winners were showcased, complemented by their valuable insights. The discussion delved into women's contributions to engineering, highlighting the imperative of harnessing their untapped potential for societal advancement. This session aligned with the overarching goal of cultivating a more inclusive and prosperous future.


WIEHACK 4.0, organized by the IEEE Student Branch of BVCOE, operang under its department of ECE, was a 36-hour women-centric hybrid international hackathon with the vision of providing a platform for creative and technical freedom while addressing the unfavorable gender ratio in engineering. It received tremendous parcipation and engagement. With 1,650 registraons, including over 50% female candidates from 15+ countries, the event showcased the global impact of the intiative. The hackathon featured a cumulative viewership of 2,000 on YouTube, 42,000 views on Unstop, and 2,100+ visitors on the website from 53 countries. Generous sponsors contributed to a prize pool worth $50,000, and a cash prize pool of around 60,000 INR. The event had 176 participants in offline mode and 400+ parcipants online, with the guidance of 4 speakers, 3 judges, and 6 mentors. Under the leadership of 5 event managers, 36 executive committee members, and 36 volunteers, the IEEE BVCOE student branch ensured a memorable experience. Ideas transformed into working solutions at WIEHACK 4.0, leaving a lasting impact. The event showcased the dedication and passion of the enthusiastic team of the IEEE Student Branch of BVCOE.


WIE STAR was an event conducted to promote Stem field among high school girls to encourage them to continue with their interests in this field .This educational outreach program was focussed at promong involvement of IEEE members with local junior high and high schools in order to create a posive image of engineering careers. Through a one-to-one interaction between society volunteers and a Student-Teacher Team, STAR helped in creang an interactive session with fun experiments and interesng project displays. The session concluded with an informative and exciting quiz along with some goodies for the students.


Build a robot that can kick a ball into the opponent’s Goal Post. Use your creavity and come up with innovative mechanisms to smash the ball into the goalpost. The teams are encouraged to come up with innovative ideas for robots as long as they adhere to the menoned rules and guidelines. Fixtures will be made according to the number of teams. The Competition will be a Bracket style tournament. The exact structure will be revealed on spot. Each match will last for 10 minutes: 5 minutes per half.

Tech-a-thlon 2.0

Tech-a-thlon 2.0 consisted of 3 rounds. Info-a-thon: A general quiz on the G20 summit was conducted on Quizizz. It was a time-based quiz. Judging was done based on the number of correct and timely answers. At the end of round 1, parcipants with lower scores were eliminated. Debug-a-palooza: It was a debugging competition held on google forms, where the parcipants were tested on their knowledge of coding and its intricacies. Each parcipant was given a problem that either had an error or that did not produce the intended effect, they had to read and rewrite only a few lines of code to fix these problems. Code-a-thon: In this round parcipants were given various problems sorted according to their difficulty, they had to solve these problems with the best of their abilies keeping in mind the time and space complexity.

HKN: SOP Workshop

The Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) subchapter of IEEE BVCOE, after a long time, organized a successful live session, “How to write quality SOP”. The session was organized for prospective students to help them build a great SOP (statement of Purpose) for their applications for higher education abroad. The session was taken by Mr. Ankur Sharan of 4Track Learning, who guided students theoretically and practically on how to write SOP along with multiple examples.


IEEE BVCOE celebrated IEEE day in collaboration with BVICAM on the 7th and 8th of October,2022.

The event's main attraction was the hackathon, which was conducted on 7th October. 500+ students registered alone, in the hackathon itself, out of which 250+ students were invited to the premises for the event. The winners included 6 teams that were given huge cash prizes along with certificates and swags for every participant.

Besides the Hackathon, several non-Tech events namely AD-MAD, Poster making, Reel making, Book fair, Volleyball, Lucky draw, Nukkad Natak, Storytelling, Group Dance, Short film making, Digital Cartoon making, P2C, Debate, GD, Radio Jockeying, Photography, and CV writing were also held on the 7th and 8th of October collectively. Every participant was also given a participation certificate and cool swags. The winners got amazing cash prizes as well.

Roadmap to ML/AI

The event was a seminar led by Mr Harshit Gaur, who explained to the students about what ML and AI is all about, intriguing their interest in the domain. He then walked the students through a proper roadmap of how to begin their journey of AI and ML. A quiz was also conducted by BQC in the middle of the event, around the topics discussed by our speaker. We had three winners who were awarded goodies. Toward the end of the session, our speaker Also demonstrated real-time working ML AI projects that allowed the students to get a better understanding of how applied machine learning works.


This was an offline fun event organized by IEEE BVCOE to welcome the freshers with enthusiasm. The event included games like piconary, whisper challenge, musical chairs, tug of war , drowsy kickball, paper dance and some fun acvities like quiz and photo booth. It was conducted on the college grounds and enjoyed acve parcipaon of over 150 students.

0th Workshop for Freshers

The Freshers were introduced to IEEE BVCOE and the subchapters and SIGs. Detailed information was shared regarding each component of IEEE BVCOE along with Past events, Roadmap for the Future, and other relevant information. The event was hosted by the Joint Secretaries, Anushka Mishra and Bhavini Bisht and team members of each Chapter It was conducted in the Auditorium and was uploaded on YouTube (refer to link above).


Audience ( Students from all years), were given a brief introduction to design, animation, different types of animation, successive logos, and what makes them successful was discussed. Parts of logo: colour, font, shape, use of grids, balance, golden ratio and similar technicalities were discussed. The event was supposed to be a brief introduction to a series of workshops, on basic design, and animation.


This event mainly targeted freshers from all branches preferably ECE. The students were provided with a basic introduction to ARDUINO. Afterward, parcipants were directed to use Arduino and make a guided project.


A fun offline event named FUNIEEE was organised by IEEE BVCOE on the 15th of March, 2022. This was the very first offline event organised by the team after the COVID halt. As the name suggests, the event was full of various fun activities to increase the interaction of IEEE members with the first and second years. The event consisted of games like-

  1. Paper dance- A newspaper dance with partners in which the paper is folded after every round. The pair which is able to accommodate on the newspaper for the longest time wins.
  2. Musical chairs- Whosoever is able to grab a chair after every round wins.
  3. Drowsy kickball- A fun game which shows who can take the best shot even after being somnolent.
  4. Pictionary- Guessing the figure drawn.
  5. Lemon race- Who can handle a lemon and chase the finish line?

several quizzes were also organised on web series and movies, which were a great entertainment for binge watchers and movie buffs. Another highlight of the day was the robotics display by RAS, which truly fascinated one and all. The event was organised in the afternoon in the college grounds itself and had a huge crowd of enthusiastic participants. The foot traffic was around 200.The event surely acted as a great way of interaction and was a significant source of fun and frolic. Poster signing by the team and the participants culminated the event.


9 Hr Offline Hackathon + B Plan Competition

You don't need to have a 100-person company to develop that idea. A quote by Larry Page that was justified when Plan2Hack, a 9-hour offline Hackathon and Business plan competition, was organized by IEEE BVCOE, the IEEE student branch of Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Engineering on 12th May 2022. Defying all odds and setting new trends, it got over 1000 registrations from all over India. Our generous sponsors helped us in generating a prize pool worth Rs 30,000. The entire event was organized by the dedicated team of IEEE BVCOE under the supervision of Dr. Dharmender Saini (Principal, BVCOE), Mrs. Yogita Arora (Branch Counselor, IEEE BVCOE) . With a total of 8 themes to ideate upon: AgriTech, Sustainable Tourism, Work from Home, Health and Fitness, Automation, BlockChain, Civil Security and Open Innovation. The Event witnessed active participation from different parts of the country The Judges for the event were Akanksha Bhasin (Sr. Technical Community Evangelist, ,Ravi Baranwal (Co-Founder UPEPO technology labs) ,Preeti Rao (Founder & CEO, Weljii),Dolly Chaudhary (GIS Manager in Agri- Tech Development with IFFCO Kisan),Ankit Gupta (founder of SpaceStation Automation (SSA) Private Limited & its other Subsidiaries). There were 3 rounds in all, first one being the prototyping second the B plan and the 3rd presentation. The top three teams who proved to be the best amongst the crowd—Dreamers, Phoenix and team Atom.ino.. This eventful day culminated with the fun-filled team photos, and this was how Plan2Hack , an event full of lessons and experiences , was successfully completed.

Design Heist

“The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible, and achieve it, generation after generation.” — Pearl S. Buck. This fact got re-emphasized with the first edition of our Fourteen-Day long UI/UX Competition, Design Heist. It was organized by the WIE (Women In Engineering), CS (Computer Society), and Drishti SIG (Student-Interest group) of IEEE BVCOE, the IEEE student branch of Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Engineering, New Delhi from February 16 to March 1, 2022, under the supervision of Dr. Dharmender Saini (Principal, BVCOE), Mrs. Yogita Arora (Branch Counselor, IEEE BVCOE). The event saw a massive participation, receiving submissions from over 400 teams, with teams varying from a single participant to a team of four.

The event saw huge support from the sponsors - Balsamiq , Taskade , Voiceflow. They generously helped us bring forth a prize pool worth US$ 75,000. Design Heist was divided into Three Rounds. First one being the UI/UX Round followed by the Coding Round and the final Presentation Round. The top positions were bagged by the following teams-

  1. 3 SUM, Winner
  2. HackOverFlow, 1st Runner-up
  3. Alpha, 2nd Runner-up
At the end, Ideas were transformed into working solutions. Design Heist saw a great response from both the participants and the team. It was more than just an event, it was a learning opportunity for all of us.

Other Events




Plan for India

WIEHACK 2.0 (Online)


Aurora: Painting the Sky


WIE STAR program